More information about the map and the images used in Moses, Jesus, and the Trickster in the Evangelical South (University of Georgia Press, 2012).

Click here for a Youtube interview with me about the book.

Scroll down for a sampling of the images used in this book, along with URLs for all images used. Images posted below used by permission; where permission was not obtained, I have provided URLs to the images and more information about the artists.

Chapter 1, map opposite page 9, “Baptists as a Percentage of Residents of All Counties, 2000” — click here for a full color version of that map, and here for a map of Leading Church Bodies, 2000, showing the distinct religious geography of the United States.

Charles Harrison Mason image, opposite p. 118:

William H. Johnson, Jesus and the Three Marys, image opposite p. 134.

Sister Gertude Morgan, Self-Portrait in White With Jesus, image opposite p. 141, click on the link and then scroll down the page nearly to the bottom, at the bottom left. Also look at the image and accompanying article here.

Anderson Johnson, Behold the Man. For more on Johnson, click here.  

Clementine Hunter, Crucifixion with Red Zinnias, image opposite p. 136 — click on the link for a 9-minute Youtube presentation summarizing much of Hunter’s work, and showing the full range of her work with zinnias, including this painting.

Purvis Young, Black Jesus, courtesy Skot Foreman Fine Art

Purvis Young, Black Jesus, 1974.

Clementine Hunter, Cotton Crucifixion, from the Collection of Gordon W. Bailey, image opposite p. 136. (3rd image from left, click the small one on the bottom). For more on Clementine Hunter, see


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