Fall 2021

Syllabus hist 6400 Fall 2021: Graduate Readings in the Global History of World War Two

Syllabus fall 2021 senior thesis

Fall 2018 Syllabi

Syllabus for Graduate Readings in Civil War and Reconstruction, Hist 6630, Fall 2018

Spring 2018 Syllabi:

Digital History (Hist3100, Spring 2018)

World War II: A Global History (Hist 4500, Spring 2018)

Summer 2017:

Hist 4540 Syllabus: Religion and American Culture, 1945 – Present

Selected Syllabi 2007 – 2016

World War II: A Global History (Hist 4500, Spring 2016)

History 6000 Syllabus, Fall 2015: Graduate (M.A.) Historiography

NOTE: first day assessment exercise (to read before class) is to read Drew Faust, “Altars of Sacrifice.” Click on the link for the article, and click here for the footnotes to the article. Scroll down to p. 5 of the pdf for the notes to the article. We will ask you to write answers to a few short questions on that article on the first day of class. This is a NON-GRADED exercise).

Graduate Reading in the Civil War and Reconstruction, Spring 2015
(Please note: there is an assignment for the first day of class!)

Graduate Historiography (Hist 6000), Syllabus, Fall 2014

Hist 4990 Senior Thesis (Fall 2014)

Graduate Research in the Civil War and Reconstruction Era (Spring 2014)

Graduate Readings in the Civil War and Reconstruction (Fall 2013)

Religion and American Culture 1500-2000 (Fall 2013)

Race, Religion, and Power in American History

Graduate Readings Seminar in the History of the American West (Fall 2012)

Southern History Civil War Through Civil Rights (Fall 2007)

Race, War, and Genocide in U.S. and Germany, 1865-1965 (Spring 2010)


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