Podcasts and Videos

The Research on Religion podcast features an interview/podcast focusing on my book Christianity and Race in the American South: A History. The interview is sponsored by the Baylor Institute for for Studies of Religion.

The New Books Network podcast features an interview/podcast focusing on my book Bounds of Their Habitation. The interview is conducted by noted scholar Lilian Calles Barger.

Noted historian Thomas Kidd conducts an interview with me about the book Bounds of Their Habitation here, for the blog The Gospel Coalition.

John Fea’s regular feature “The Author’s Corner” focuses on my book Bounds of Their Habitation.

A piece discussing my two book published in November 2016 appears here at the Religion in American History blog.

My 2015 lecture at Baylor University, “The Battle for Jesus During the Civil War,” is available here as a video. An article in the Baylor paper discusses the talk.

Teaching the Color of Christ, a podcast up at the Journal of Southern Religion, features myself and Kelly J. Baker discussing the teaching possibilities for my book of that title, while this podcast with my co-author Edward J. Blum is an extensive interview going over the main points of the book and its implications. UNC Press also features a conversation between Edward J. Blum and literary scholar and author Joanna Brooks here. 

The University of Georgia Press recorded a youtube video with me about Moses Jesus, and the Trickster in the Evangelical South. 

Interview with The Historical Society about my work on race and religion and my book Through the Storm, Through the Night: A History of African American Christianity.

Art Remillard, editor of the Journal of Southern Religion, has recorded a podcast with me here, about my book Moses, Jesus, and the Trickster in the Evangelical South. Click herefor more information. The podcast is about 20 minutes.

Then, John Wilson and Stan Guthrie, editor of the fine journal Books and Culture, discuss the edited volume compiled by myself and Edward J. Blum, the Columbia Guide to Religion in American History, in this podcast (about 5 minutes). About the book, in a promo for the podcast, they write the following:

In this week’s podcast, Stan Guthrie and I discuss The Columbia Guide to Religion in American History, edited by Paul Harvey and Edward Blum, who have brought together a terrific lineup of contributors. Books of this sort rarely invite sustained reading. Here is a sterling exception. I know this volume will soon be on the shelves of many contributors to Books & Culture.


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